Jul 29, 2010

Simple/Last Minute Birthday Party

My sister and I threw together a super last minute un-birthday celebration for our boys. All I did was go to the Dollar Store and get a Happy Birthday banner... ...and a flag banner that I was going to cut up. I also got a few pieces of poster board and some noisemakers. I taped the flags from the banner to squares of poster board and put a clue on the bottom of each which would lead whoever read it to a hiding spot for one of the noisemakers. We played that game kind of like a cake walk only I just called out someone's name when I stopped the music. But I did have to remember which pieces we'd already gotten clues from!

Then I put together a scavenger hunt leading the boys to their presents. Simple but always fun!

And lastly, my sister brought cupcakes and frosting and everyone got to decorate their own cupcakes!

It was so simple and easy to put together but the kids had just as much fun as if we'd spent weeks planning it!

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