Sep 28, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Hey, I'm back!! I have several parties to post about, but I'm going to start with the one I did last weekend. My son's 6th birthday party!Why is it that the shot of the party table never looks as impressive as you think it's going to? After all the work that goes into it, it should look pretty spectacular!I'm quite proud of this banner. I think it turned out great! Originally, I was going to try to cut everything out on my Cricut and piece it all together...then I got the brilliant idea to just print them off the computer on cardstock! SOO much easier. I seem to like doing everything the hard way first.Paper Angry Birds! I found them online and thought they were so cute so I had to make them. They didn't really serve much of a purpose...but they still look good, right??Angry Birds cheeseball! This was a last minute decision and I'm so glad it actually turned out!An army of cupcakes.I love love love all these bright colors! That's one of the reasons why I was excited to do this party.Life-size Angry Birds game! Since we had the party at a park I didn't do any other games. The kids didn't mind at all and had a pretty good time with this...until the game slowly morphed into Angry Birds football with the golden egg being the football!I wish I could claim these birds, but I can't. I have a friend who can do just about anything (literally) and she made all these birds for me. They turned out great and now all of them (including the pigs) are residing in my son's bedroom!The little blue one is my favorite!Last but not least, the t-shirts I made for us to wear! The blue one was for the birthday boy, Triple Threat was for my 2 year old, and (surprise!) the red one was for me!

I'll post the links for everything I did this time, too. I had a lot of online help with this party!
Balloon Printables
Angry Birds Cupcakes
Paper Birds
Stuffed Animal Bird Tutorials

And two things I did use but wanted to:
Angry Bird Pompoms
Angry Bird Cake Pops