Jan 29, 2011

Little Chick Activity

My son loves chicks, as in baby chickens. I mean loves them! So, we had a fun night with chicks!I ordered this super cute book and brought it out after dinner one night. We read the book together as a family (and by "as a family" I mean I read it to my son while my 1 year old made a huge mess of the house and my husband played Angry Birds on the iPhone). After we read all three stories in the book I pulled out...
...our dessert of dirt and worms! We had to pretend that we were chicks digging for worms in the dirt. Fun, easy, and delicious!

Jan 24, 2011

New Year Cupcakes

I received a Cricut Cake for Christmas this year (yay!) and this was my first project with it. The numbers and the stars were the only things I cut out with the Cricut Cake.For the confetti I just rolled out the fondant and sliced it into thin strips.
I made these white chocolate fireworks by melting the chocolate and mixing in the food coloring, piping the melted chocolate onto a piece of wax paper, sprinkling it with sugar, and putting it it in the freezer to set. In retrospect, I should have either done just the chocolate or just the fondant. I got a little too excited and was trying to do too many things at once!

Jan 11, 2011

Forever Family Banner

This is my second vertical banner (the other one that I made for my friend with the great ideas)!

Jan 6, 2011

Love At Home Banner

I made two banners for a friend of mine and she had the awesome idea to have them hang vertical instead of horizontal. I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me!

Jan 1, 2011

Classroom Banner

As part of a gift basket for my son's teachers, I made this banner for them to (hopefully) use in their classroom. At his school, each classroom has an animal assigned to it and his classroom is the Bear Room!