Jul 22, 2010

Butterfly Playgroup

For playgroup we had a popsicle day! One of the moms brought popsicles for all the kids and I planned a craft to do with popsicle sticks!There was a little preparation involved. Before going I had to hot glue the pipe cleaners onto the popsicles sticks. The picture is a little dark, but you just fold the pipe cleaner in half and only glue about an inch onto the stick.Then, all the kids colored their "butterfly wings" (coffee filters). After the filter is colored, you pinch it in the middle and lay it on top of the pipe cleaner, fold the un-glued part over the wings, and twist the top of the pipe cleaner together to make the antennas!
Before we made our butterflies, the kids drew flowers on the sidewalk with chalk. Then, all the butterflies got to fly around exploring the flowers!
I was also planning on having some facts about butterflies so we could talk a little bit more about them and learn a few things, but I didn't have time to put that part together. None of the kids minded though, they just had fun playing!

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