Apr 29, 2011

Purr-fect Birthday Party

For my daughter's 2nd birthday party I planned a kitty party. She just loves cats!For food, I got Chex Mix (Meow Mix)......and Swedish fish. I also had just a veggie and fruit platter. I'm just kicking myself because I had such a hard time coming up with good food ideas...until the day before the party! While I was at the store I started thinking of all the things I could have done but didn't have time for anymore. Making individual fruit pizzas with a cat face cookie cutter, creating a cat out of cut up veggies, popcorn ball cat faces! I could have done so much!The first thing we did when the kids arrived was make collars out of Fruit Loops. The "kitties" had to put a name tag on their collar and decide what they wanted their cat name to be. After we made those, I gathered the kids in a circle and we took turns practicing our meowing. I asked them all what a happy, sad, mad, tired cat would sound like and they had to meow the way a cat would if it were feeling those emotions.After all that meowing I figured our kitties throats would be sore and they might need a drink!We played Thirsty Cat and had a race to see who could drink all the water out of their bowl the fastest!Then we played Yarn Toss! We sat in a circle again and passed around a ball of yarn while some music was playing. Whoever was holding the yarn when the music stopped won a prize!These were our prizes! I used a stiff felt to make them so I think they were a little more difficult to make than if I had just used a regular felt but I think they kept their shape much better.Here's the template that I found. I have to say, the yarn game didn't work that well with younger kids. They had too much fun unravelling the yarn instead of passing it to the next person!After everyone won a prize, I discovered a mouse in the kitchen! Then, we all looked outside and what did we see?? The whole backyard was overrun with mice! Our kitties rallied together to form a mouse hunting party and ran outside. They searched high and low and found every single one!I made the mice with Easter eggs, yarn for the tails, stiff felt for the ears, 7mm googly eyes, and 1/4" black pompoms. I just hot-glued everything on. I think they turned out really cute!After the mouse hunt, we went back inside for cupcakes and presents. I made these fondant cutouts for half of the cupcakes......and just used sprinkles to decorate the other half.I made a mini cake for my daughter with a larger cutout to put on top of it. I'm still learning how to work with my Cricut Cake and fondant. It's a work in progress!I don't think she minded though. She didn't care what it looked like, just what it tasted like!

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