Apr 7, 2011

Eclipse Girls Night

Wow, neglected much?? March was a pretty wild month for our family, but I promise to do a better job of updating more frequently! (For my one faithful reader...not even one? Oh well...) At the beginning of March I hosted an Eclipse girls night. Pretty much just an excuse to get people together to watch the movie!"Love Is Forever" is actually one of the songs on the soundtrack for the movie so that's why I used it for the banner.Of course, a heart broken in two for the ends of the ribbon. Which team would you choose?Then, for wall decorations, I took movie quotes and put them on paper from the paper stack "Immortal Love." (Found it at Joanns.)For decorations around the rest of the room, I used black, red, and white. I found big fake diamonds at Hobby Lobby that were scattered all over the room along with red glass gems.The first thing the guests had to to when they walked in the door was decide what team they were going to be on. I made name tags that everyone had to wear.These were the prizes for our games. I wrapped black and red tulle around little bottles of lotion and tied them with white ribbon. I chose scents like Twilight Woods, Enchanted Orchid, Dark Kiss, and Sensual Amber.Our first game was a trivia game that I found online. It was from the books, not the movie. If I had the time, I would have made my own but it worked fine! Our other game was Twilight Pictionary. My friend put it together and chose scenes, people, or terms from all three movies for the clues. It was awesome! Then, everyone on the winning team won a prize!The food!I made gourmet caramel apples (you know, the forbidden fruit) and, if it's okay for me to say this, they turned out delicious!My friend who put together the pictionary game also made these fabulous red velvet cupcakes! Notice how Jacob's cupcake wrapper has wolf prints and Edward's has something akin to the Cullen crest? Genius!Veggie platter with a quote that says "...we call ourselves vegetarians, our little inside joke."Another genius detail from the above friend; we had Italian Creme sodas to drink and instead of just having boring cherry and strawberry, we were able to taste the blood from a grizzly bear and a mountain lion. I favored the mountain lion.

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