May 31, 2010

Moon and Stars Birthday

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me for some ideas for a birthday party she was planning for her daughter. I was so excited, I wish I lived closer so I could have helped more! So, this is my first guest post!

Her daughter loves stars and the moon so...The party guests were greeted with drawings on the sidewalk leading up to the door...A birthday sign on the door...Blue and white lights...And moon and star decorations hung from the ceiling with fishing line!Guests were also encouraged to wear shirts that had any kind of star or moon on it and had their faces painted when they walked in the door with what? You guessed it, stars and moons!The first game the kids played is the only idea that I can take credit for, everything else was Lindsay! It was a Moon Rock Hunt. The moon rocks are space-themed candy (Starbursts, mini-Milky Way bars, mini-Mars bars, etc.) wrapped up in tinfoil and hidden/scattered all over the room. Before unleashing the kids to find the moon rocks, they each decorated their own little paper bag to put the moon rocks into.
The next game was the Blackhole Game. It sounds like so much fun and I can't wait to use it! Place the hula hoops in a circle and turn on some music. When the music stops the kids have to find a hula hoop to stand in (more than one person can be in a hula hoop). Before starting the music back up again, take one hula hoop away. When the game ends, everyone has to try to fit in one hula hoop! Some ideas for songs to go with the theme are:

How High The Moon
It's Only A Paper Moon
A Star Is Born
All Star
You're A Shining Star
When You Wish Upon A Star
Swinging On A Star
Starry Eyed Surprise
Fly Me To The Moon
The party ended with a star cookie and star bracelet as the party favors. Sounds like such a fun party, and thanks Lindsay for letting me post all of your great ideas!

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