Jun 11, 2010

Mario & Luigi Hats

My son just loves Mario and Luigi so, for Easter, I made him his own Mario and Luigi hats! It was super easy. I ordered red and green hats online (since I couldn't find any plain kid-sized hats at a single craft store!) and just bought some thick white felt and regular red and green felt to match the hats. Then, I cut out an oval and a circle with the white felt, lined it up on the hat and then cut a piece off the bottom where it hit the bill of the hat. After that I cut out an M and an L and hot glued them onto the felt.Then I just hand-stitched the circle/oval onto the hats and voila! I also ordered some white kids gloves to complete the costume. My son loves them and wears one of them almost every time we leave the house and even more when we're not leaving the house!

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