May 15, 2010

"The Office" Beach Day Party

We hosted the Annual Scranton Beach Day this week! I made sure to watch the episode and take notes so I could follow it as closely as possible. It was supposed to be a completely outdoor party but the weather didn't cooperate, so I had to improvise inside a little!Every party that the Party Planning Committee throws has a printed banner hanging on the wall, so I had to make one, too!
When the guests first walked in the door they were greeted with the Coal Walk! (I didn't think it would be that safe to have an actual coal walk, but this did the job.)
I just glued red and yellow crinkly paper to a red poster board. If you actually wanted to do a "coal" walk some other ideas would be a "Crunch Berry" walk or "Tin Foil" walk.I decided on a blue and white color scheme since those are the Dunder Mifflin logo colors. And it what Office party would be complete without an office supply encased in Jello??
We started the night off with a blindfolded egg-on-a-spoon relay race! Each team had an egg, a spoon, a blindfold, and a tiki torch that each member of the team had to walk down, around, and come back from. The other members of the team could verbally guide the blindfolded person so they knew where they were supposed to go.
The second "funtivity" we had was Sumo Wrestling! Since it would've cost several hundred dollars to actually rent the sumo suits, we decided to skip that and make our own. The pillows in the front of the picture are for the arms. I just folded them in half and wrapped duct tape around the middle. Then, we used a rope to tie another pillow around the chest. I used more of the rope to make a wrestling ring and the object of the game was to push your opponent out of the ring! SO much fun!
After the Sumo Wrestling we headed inside for the hot dog eating contest! It was low-key, I wasn't sure how many people would actually want to have a full-out contest!
Then, after everything was over, we tallied up the scores! (The team names are from the show, too.) One point for each member of the team who didn't drop their egg during the relay race, one point for winning your sumo wrestling match, and one point for each hot dog every team member ate. The prize for the winning team was a Schrute Buck for each person and an "Assistant to the Regional Manager" pin for the team captain.
Right before I handed out the prizes to the winning team, we received a "memo" from corporate telling everyone from the Scranton Branch that a new Regional Manager had been chosen to replace Michael Scott.

The party was a total hit and was actually pretty easy to put together!


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I. love. this.

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Awesome idea! Sad we missed it!

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