Sep 27, 2010

Mario Galaxy 2 Party Hats

Along with the Mario and Luigi hats we already had, I made some more character hats for the kids to dress up in for my son's Super Mario Galaxy 2 party. I cut out all the patterns with my Cricut, traced them onto felt, cut the pieces out, hot-glued them together and then hot-glued them to the hat.I made a mini Princess Peach hat for my 1 year old daughter so she could join in on the fun!When I made the Mario and Luigi hats I actually sewed the white part onto the hat itself. With Wario and Waluigi I just glued it on and it was just fine.I had to be a little creative with some of the hats. This one is for Diddy Kong. He has stars on his shirt so I just put those on the hat instead.DaisyDry BonesKing Boo - This is one of my favorites for some reason!ToadRosalina! I totally had to make up my own ideas for this. I used a wand (since she has a wand), a "luma", and then I added the light blue tulle to give it a little something extra.
And last, but not least, Bowser! This one is also one of my favorites! The horns are made of two pieces of felt hot-glued together. The flame mohawk is made of flames alternately glued together and then glued to the hat at the bas of the flame. This is the hat my husband wore for the game when all the kids had to defeat Bowser.

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