Feb 14, 2010

Miss America Party

Having a Miss America party is a great excuse to have a girls night and there's no requirement that says you have to be interested in the pageant!

One of the best things about a party is the food being served. Food will inevitably bring people together! Having a fun dessert, like this cupcake cake decked out in it's own tiara, is a fun (and edible) way to show your guests what an awesome hostess you are.
If you know who your guests are going to be ahead of time, having pre-made sashes for each one will make her feel special! Focus on one attribute and then find an interesting and unique word to fit her. It also makes for a great commercial-break filler to go around the room and have everyone read off her sash name after which you'll read the definition for the word. A great source to use? Thesaurus.com!

A fun activity to have for the evening is your own Q&A/talent portion. Prepare the talents and questions ahead of time and each guest will then draw a slip of paper out of a bowl to see what she will be doing. Tons of fun and you'll be surprised at what people are willing to do! If guests are too uncomfortable being the center of attention, have an option open that they can choose one or two people to perform with them. A few ideas to get you started:

-Recite the “Star-Spangled Banner.” (Especially funny when the person who chooses this one doesn't know the song that well!)
-Find a partner and perform a ballroom dance routine around the room.
-You’re famous for impersonating Michelle Kwan, show us a few of your best figure skating moves.
-Perform a dramatic reading of “America the Beautiful.”
-Perform an interpretive dance telling the story of Jack and Jill.
-You’re a famous fire baton twirler, show us one of your favorite routines.
-Perform a 10 second ballet routine.
-You’re a famous opera singer, perform “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” like you would on opening night.
-If you were to write the next song that topped the music charts of 2010, sing a few of the lines that would be written in the song.
-If you had to choose, which cartoon character would you like to be and why?
-Your best friend just bought a new outfit and hasn’t even taken the tags off yet. She models it for you because she loves it so much. You see that it isn’t flattering on her and would never have let her buy it if you’d gone shopping together. What do you say?
-Would you rather direct, star in, or write the screen play for a movie?
Another fun ongoing activity is to have poster boards around the room with Miss America related questions. Guests could write their answers down at any point during the evening and then the answers would be read off before they leave.

And, for some fun competition, have brackets for the guests to fill out to determine who they think will win. Guests would have to guess the Top 15, Top 10, Top 5, and then, of course, Miss America herself! Award 1 point for each correct guess in the first round, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, and 4 points for anyone who chose the winning contestant.

This is guaranteed to be a night that will not be forgotten!

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