Feb 1, 2010

Li'l Pumpkin

I found this great idea for a fall-themed baby shower that could be geared towards either a girl or a boy.I made a banner that spelled out the name of the baby we were celebrating. It was a fun display and the mom-to-be even hung it up in her room at the hospital when she went in to have her sweet baby.Most of the food that was served was pumpkin or fall-ish. A delicious cheese ball rolled in crushed Goldfish crackers and topped off with a small celery stalk to give it the look of a pumpkin.
Apple slices with an apple dip served in a small carved out pumpkin.
And a delicious pumpkin spice cake as a dessert! We also served soup, rolls, pumpkin bread, and donuts. Anything that reminded us of fall!

Two of the games we played also included, you guessed it, pumpkins! We split the guests up into three teams, gave them supplies to decorate the pumpkins, and said, "If the baby was a pumpkin, what would she look like?" After an allotted amount of time the decorating was finished and the mom-to-be had to pick which one she thought looked the most like her baby!

The second part of the game was trying to figure out which pumpkin matched the size of the pregnant belly! We measured the mom's belly and then found a pumpkin that matched in size and guests had to figure out which one they thought it was.

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