Oct 3, 2011

Apple Of My Eye Baby Shower

I have been wanting to do an apple themed baby shower for over a year now. I was so excited that I got to use this theme for a friend of mine just a few weeks ago!Before I decided to go with the apple theme, I asked my friend for just some general ideas of things she liked. She told me she liked flowers...and then I started thinking. So after mulling it over and talking to a few of my close confidants, I came up with pink apple blossoms and green apples!This is the poem I wrote for the invitation:

With September coming and fall in the air,
There's some baby excitement we'd like you to share!
Marisa and Chad long to hold their baby girl,
Before the leaves change and fall with a twirl.
The season is ripe with anticipation!
The joy, the love, and the fascination
With all things tiny, pink, and sweet.
When she arrives they'll be swept off their feet
By the sight of her beautiful, soft baby flesh,
No doubt in their family she will perfectly mesh.
A tiny blossom who'll bloom by and by,
And Marisa will say, "She's the apple of my eye."

This was my first time ever doing a background for the food table. I have to say, I love how it draws everything in and makes the food table look more inviting!I also made these yarn balloons! Like I said, I was so excited for this shower and I think I may have worked harder and longer on it than any other shower/party I've done before!Our mini Apple Blossom trees!How gorgeous are those bows?? I have a friend who is amazingly talented at making bows...but I don't think I needed to state the obvious!Close-ups on a few of them. After the shower, they were given to the mother-to-be as part of her gift!I made these letter blocks that doubled as decoration and part of one of our games! The game was a multiple choice question game. I split the guests up into four groups. For each question that I read, I would draw four different names. Those four people then came up and I asked a question that the teams had to answer using their blocks. For example, some questions were:

Whose birthday is closest to the due date?

Who comes from the largest family?

Who was the biggest baby when she was born?

Each of the four women who had come up were holding a card that said A, B, C, or D and then the teams had to discuss who they thought would be the correct answer to the question. When they decided they had to hold their blocks up with the corresponding letter!

Another ongoing activity was making an alphabet book as a gift for the new baby! I had all the pages and crayons set out so that everyone could color a page at any point during the shower. Next step will be to make a cover and put a binding on it.I found these apple chalkboards for 75% off just before the shower! They originally had red trim (easy to fix) and I think they added so much!And, since I'm obsessed with making these caramel apples, they made an appearance at the shower! It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but there's pink and light green white chocolate drizzled on all of them.I had tons of help with all the food. I only did the apples, salad, and cake pops. Everything else was made by my awesome friends. Seriously, look at that cheeseball! Take a second look at those apple parfaits. Now one more. They were that good. And that amazing apple cheesecake was our dessert. Honestly, these people are incredible. I have no words.

Lastly, my very first attempt at cake pops! They were fairly simple as far as cake pops go, but I'm not sure how to perfect the smoothness...as you can see. BUT, they were little balls of cake and frosting that stayed on the stick so I'm going to count it as a success!


Becca said...

Love the table! The wall decore really does pull it all together. :) Amazing!

Linz said...

This one is one of my favorites of yours so far!! Though I absolutely love them all and am always super impressed!!!

Unknown said...

I am working on an "Apple of our Eye" shower for my sister. I am interested to know where you found the chalkboards and the apple cutouts for the blocks.