Nov 5, 2010

Carnival Playgroup

With winter coming/here, we have to keep playgroup interesting so we don't go crazy from being indoors too much. What better way to spice things up than to take the kids to a carnival?We had a bunch of different stations with activities for the kids to participate in. Pin the nose on the clown was a simple and fun game to start off with!We had a fishing game with bouncy balls for the prize which the kids absolutely loved.I was in charge of a bean bag toss game. The object of the game was to toss bean bags and flip over three popcorn buckets to win a prize!Surprise, surprise, the prize was a bag of popcorn!We also had one mom in charge of balloon animals/other objects!And another mom in charge of face painting!
To finish everything off we had a parade set to some fun carnival music. We asked the kids to dress up in a crazy outfit. Another mom also brought a big tub of dress up clothes to add a little more fun to it!

I wish I could take all the credit for this carnival, but I just helped with my one game. Kim, if you ever read this, you're amazing!

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